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Mapping common interface
« on: May 02, 2016, 01:15:52 PM »
Hi everyone,

I updated the FSIApplication mapper, in order to learn more about Kratos and take ideas to implement my contact mapper. There are some common utilities that should be common  and in my opinio should be moved to the core.

The FSIApplication/custom_utilities/InterfacePreprocess.h could be moved to the core now that I change the condition Face3D3N to a Condition3D...and I created conditions for all the geometries, that can be seen in the attached file contact_interface_preprocess.hpp (the name should be changed if it is moved to the core)

From the AdvanceNMMapper I think we ca reuse the GaussPointItem class, once we have generalized using directly the shape funcions from the geometries implemeneted in Kratos. from this utility I think that can be interesting to reuse some fucntions from the AdvancedNMPointsMapper class, if we generalize the projection methologies.

Best regards