How to Add a New constitutive law

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  • 1. Which files needed to be added
    • in custom costitutive law of the corresponding application .cpp & .h files are added
    • functions which could be used are those available in constitutive_law.h of kratos
  • 2. Which files needed to be changed
    • jamfile of application
    • add_constitutive_laws_to_python.cpp of the custom python of the application
      • .h of your constitutive law to be added
      • class of the constitutive law being introduced
  • 3. Additional infotmation
    • costitutive law is an object in Kratos, so it's possible to store historical variables.
    • static database The data can be stored as static database - it's not updated in every time-step:
      • "node-> setValue(disp)"
      • "node-> getValue(disp)"
    • to update data in time, use:
      • "node.Getsolstepvalue(disp)"
      • "node.Setsolstepvalue(disp)"
    • Material non-linearity:
      • having stress as a function of strain, it's necessary to change the Algorithmic Tangent Modulus to implement material non-linearities
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