How to Create a GiD Problem Type

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GiD Pre and Post processor needs the creation of a Problem Type to be able to create suitables input data files and to be able to read the kratos results file. The GiD Problem Type is the only connection between the pre-processor and the Kratos, such as between the Kratos and post processor.

Creation of the Folder Application.gid

For creating the problemtype already defined for a certain application first you have to go to the application directory and to the custom_problemtype/problemtype_generator subdirectory of it. For example in incompressible fluid application from Kratos root:

cd applications/incompressible_fluid_application/custom_problemtype/problemtype_generator/

and from there you should run the Kratos problemtype generator located in kratos/problemtype_generator with the input file in application problemtype directory. For example in incompressible fluid application there is a fluid_only input file in custom_problemtype/problemtype_generator subdirectory which can be used as follow:

 python  ~/kratos/problemtype_generator/ fluid_only

This command will create the kratos_fluid_only.gid subdirectory which contains the problemtype for GiD. Finally you have to copy the created folder in the GiD program folter, inside the problemtype folder ( in linux typically ~/gid-.-.-/problemtype/ ).

Warn_icon.gif Warning. Please, note that:

  • If the new problemtype folder (i.e. kratos_fluid_only.gid in previous example) is already exist the problemtype generator will give you an error and exits.

Important remark

Once the problem type has been created an copied inside ~/gid-.-.-/problemtype/ you have to change the properties of the file 'application.unix.bat' in linux or' in windows just to allow the file to be executable.

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