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This is a brief tutorial of how to read and use an Application in Kratos.

This is not a description of the use of any application in particular. See the sections of every single application for details. file

The starting point to read an Application is to open the Python file that describes the (see for instance /kratos/application/<application_name>/test_examples/ where there are some GiD_example: inside each folder there is always a Python file that can be used as a sort of benchmark in the construction of your own Python script).

The represents the IO script to interact with Kratos without entering it. You can create or modify your own file without having knowledge of C++ programming or of the internal structure of Kratos.

Your file has to be put inside your GiD_example file when you want to run it.

Once you have to execute your own example you will enter into your GiD_example folder from the command window, and run your file with Python from the command line typing:

  python <test_example name> 

That means that inside your file all Kratos libraries, and any other utility is called and executed, 'implicitly'.

Following with the reading of the you can read the page Kratos For Dummies v2 (Creating a first problem to be solved )

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