How to refine an existing triangular or tetrahedral mesh

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Refining a mesh of simplicial elements

The kratos provides the possibility of "easily" adapting an existing FE mesh (of simplex elements)

This possibility is provided by the two functions



which are implemented in the KratosMeshingApplication.

The elements to be refined can be specified by setting the value of SPLIT_ELEMENT on the element.

A small example

the following Python code performs the refinement of a 3D mesh. The code selects all of the elements whose barycenter has a Z between -5 and 5, and refines them

 ###mark the elements to be splitted (if they have barycenter with z between -5 and 5)
 for elem in fluid_model_part.Elements:
   xc = 0.0
   yc = 0.0
   zc = 0.0
   for node in elem.GetNodes():
       xc += node.X
       yc += node.Y
       zc += node.Z   
   size = float(len(elem.GetNodes()))
   xc /= size
   yc /= size
   zc /= size  
   if( zc > -5  and zc < 5 ):
 ###compute the nodal neighbours on the initial mesh
 number_of_avg_elems = 20
 number_of_avg_nodes = 20
 nodal_neighbour_search = FindNodalNeighboursProcess(fluid_model_part,number_of_avg_elems,number_of_avg_nodes)
 ###perform the refinement
 Refine = LocalRefineTetrahedraMesh(fluid_model_part)
 refine_on_reference = False;
 interpolate_internal_variables = False;
 ###recompute the neighbours since they changed due to the creation of new nodes
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