Kratos 2.1.0 Windows Installation

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Kratos setup

  • Download both the Kratos setup and the package containing GiD and the Kratos-GiD interface.
  • Execute the files and follow the instructions of the setup program.

Please note: This is the first Kratos release that includes a setup utility, and it is still somewhat experimental. We don't recommend installing Kratos or GiD in a path that contains spaces, as it can cause unexpected problems.

Python path

Warn_icon.gif Warning. Please, note that: The Kratos installation (and then usage) relies on the availability of Python on the system!

Kratos relies on being able to call python from anywhere in the system. To check that you will be able to do so, open a command prompt and type


If python opens, your system is ready (type Ctr+Z or exit() to close python).

If the command is not recognized, you need to modify your system variables

  ControlPanel --> System --> Advanced Configuration (on the left menu) --> System Variables
Variable Name: Python25
Variable Value: C:\Python25\ (or the path where Python25 is installed).

Warn_icon.gif Warning. Please, note that: If you have any problem with the installation procedure, please download and follow the step-by-step procedure here

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