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'''Page to test the functionalities of the wiki'''
'''Page to test the functionalities of the wiki'''
==Pages with index==
[[Test page with index 1]]
==YouTube Videos==
==YouTube Videos==

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Page to test the functionalities of the wiki


Pages with index

Test page with index 1

YouTube Videos

Put into youtube tag the code of the video, for example for http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=moDzsciWkaI , you must copy moDzsciWkaI.

File Uploads

Example2.png File:Example2.txt File:Example2.pdf File:Example2.zip File:Example2.tar.gz


  • removing "from Kratos import " from all of the files
  • removing all .post.bin, .time etc ... there are still a few!!
  • defining a responsible for quality applications + what should be inside
    kratos------ kratos
             --- applications
             --- stable_applications -- SolidMechanics
                                     -- MeshingModule

    SolidMechanicsApplication --> Riccardo Rossi
    FluidDynamicsApplication (contains convection_diff and ALE) -> Jordi Cotela
    ParticleFiniteElementMethodApplication -> Antonia Larese
    MeshingModule  -> Pavel Ryzhakov
    CouplingModule -> 
    TrilinosModule -> Pablo Becker
    Documentation  -> MiguelAngel

  • Define Check functions!!!
   - convection diffusion apps and conditions
   - thermomechanical app
   - structural application


If you write:


you get:  \sqrt{2}


x \implies y

  f(x) =
  1 & -1 \le x < 0 \\
  \frac{1}{2} & x = 0 \\
  1 - x^2 & \mbox{otherwise}

Writing code

testing a python file as a direct copy&paste

testing a python file as a copy&paste with some format

Warn_icon.gif Warning. Please, note that: This is a test for warning!

Link to files and images

Codina's paper

Kratos Logos

Kratos 1.0.0





Testing merging pages

The following is the way to include a complete page as a part of an article.

First visit: Other test page

By typing: {{:Other test page}}, you get:

</nowiki> <onlyinclude># onlyinclude. The markup ... indicates that only text surrounded by "onlyinclude" markup should be transcluded onto another page. This is the most subtle of the partial transclusion tags because it often overrules the others. If there is at least one pair of "onlyinclude" tags on a page, then whenever this page is transcluded, it is only the material within the "onlyinclude" tags which gets transcluded. There can be several such sections, and within each such section, some material might be further excluded by "noinclude" tags, and might also be surrounded by "includeonly" tags so that it does not appear on the original page itself. But material outside the "onlyinclude" tags will be ignored when the page is transcluded onto another page. This can be useful, for example, to repeat a small part of one page on a second one: just surround the small part by onlyinclude tags, and transclude it onto the second page.


General Purpose Images and Templates

Powerpoint templates: template 1, template 2

Kratos background: Kratos.jpg Kratos.png

CIMNE logos: CIMNE logo.jpg Logo cimne front.jpg

Temporary new main page

Old Main Page

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