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Variables Needed and their meaning

The following 4 variables need to be defined in order to perform the re-meshing using "Trigen PFEM refine":

By default, only the elements of the fluid are re-created. Therefore, you have to mark all the nodes of the elements you are passing to the mesher as "IS_FLUID". All the nodes that might be added during adaptive the refinement (see add_nodes argument of the function ReGenerateMesh) have IS_FLUID=1.0 by default.

IS_STRUCTURE switch is necessary to distinguish such parts of the domain as walls etc. Mesher treats the elements whose nodes have non-zero IS_STRUCTURE flag in a different way. The elements that have all nodes with IS_STRUCTURE=1.0 are automatically removed from the mesh.

IS_BOUNDARY is necessary to determine the boundaries, that include free surfaces, and boundaries between the fluid anb the structure (i.e. between the fluid and the wall).

IS_FREE_SURFACE is a flag that is set on the free-surfaces to 1.0 and 0.0 elsewhere.

if any of these variables are not added in your application, an error will be thrown.

Input needed to the function

brief description of the algorithm

Common Usage Errors

Validation example

  • Description of the Validation Example
  • File to be looked at to get an example of use
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