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Personal information:

Pavel Borisovich Ryzhakov

Born in 1982 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Associate professor at the Politechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and TecnoCampus Mataro

Accredited by ANECA (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación)



Structural analysis III (UPC) - MSc course

Modelling and simulation (TecnoCampus Mataro) - undergrad level course

Engineering materials (TecnoCampus Mataro) - undergrad level course

Supervised several MSc theses and is currently supervising a PhD thesis


2006-2010 - PhD, International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Barcelona, Spain

2004-2006 - Master of Science with Honors in Computational Mechanics, TU Munich, Germany.

1999-2003 - Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

1999 - graduated from the School of Physics and Technology in Saint-Petersburg at Russian Academy of Science

Additional trainings:

Marie Curie internship at CERFACS, Toulouse, 2006

Industrial internships (Siemens AG, Germany, Russia) (6 months)

Summer school "Computational Science", Sud Tirol, 2005 (2 weeks)

Business Training, Erlangen, Germany, 2003

Memberships and Organizational activities:

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal for Mechanical Engineering Research

Member of the Spanish Society for Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI)

Member of Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering (BGCE) Elitenetzwerk Bayern, Germany

Chairman of the International Student Association SAID of the the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Karlsruhe, International Department (2002-2003)


Modelling and simulation of the sea-landing of aerial vehicles using the Particle Finite Element Method, authors: P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, A. Viña, E. Oñate, Int. Journal of Ocean Engineering, Vol. 66 (2013), pp. 92–100

How to speed-up an incompressible monolithic solver, authors: P. Ryzhakov, J. Cotela, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, CMN 2013, Bilbao, Spain, June 25-28, 2013

Analysis of the melting, burning and flame spread of polymers with the Particle Finite Element Method, authors: E. Oñate, J. Marti, P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S. Idelsohn, Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science, submitted

A two-step monolithic method for efficient simulation of incompressible flows, Int. Jour, for Num. Methds. in Fluids, authors: P. Ryzhakov, J. Cotela, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, submitted

Efficient tools and techniques for high-performance partitioned analysis of complex coupled systems, authors: Rossi, R.; Ryzhakov, P.; Cotela, J.; Dadvand, P.; Idelsohn, S.R.; Oñate, E., ECOMMAS 2012, September 10-14, Vienna, Austria

Combined Eulerian-PFEM approach for analysis of polymers in fire situations, Int. Jour. for Num. Methds. in Eng. authors: J. Marti, P. Ryzhakov, S. Idelsohn, E. Oñate Vol. 90-9, pp. 782-801, 2012

Improving mass conservation in simulation of incompressible flows, Int. Jour. for Num.Methds. in Eng. Vol. 90-12, pp. 1435-1451

Advances in the Particle Finite Element Method for FSI: a modified fractional step approach, authors: P. B. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, full paper, PARTICLES-2011, Barcelona, Spain, Conference proceedings, 2011

A modified fractional step approach: P. Ryzhakov, E. Oñate, R. Rossi, CMM 2011, 09-12/05/2011 Warsaw, Poland, Conference proceedings, pp. 437-438.

An algorithm for the simulation of thermally coupled low speed flow problems: P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, Int. Jour. Num. Meth. in Fluids, Vol. 70-1, pp. 1-19, 2012.

Advances in the Particle Finite Element method (PFEM) for solving coupled problems in engineering, authors: E. Oñate, S.R. Idelsohn, M.A. Celigueta, R. Rossi, J. Marti, J.M. Carbonell, Pavel Ryzhakov and B. Suárez. A E. Oñate and R. Owen (eds.), Particle-Based Methods, Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, Vol. 25, pp 1-49, Springer, 2011.

A monolithic Lagrangian approach for fluid-structure interaction problems, authors P.B. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S. Idelsohn, E.Oñate, Journal of Computational Mechanics, Vol. 46-6, pp. 883-899, 2010

A monolithic FE formulation for the analysis of membranes in fluids, International Journal of Spatial Structures, authors: R. Rossi, P. B. Ryzhakov, E. Oñate, Vol. 24-4, pp. 205-210, 2009

Advances in the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM) for Fluid-Structure Interaction, authors: P. B. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, E. Oñate extended abstract, PARTICLES-2009, Barcelona, Spain, Conference proceedings, pp. 250-254, 2009

An algorithm for polymer melting simulation, P. B. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, conference proceedings METNUM-2009, Barcelona, Spain, 29/06/2009-02/08/2009

Quasi-incompressible updated lagrangian fluid and monolithic formulation for the the fluid-structure interaction problems involving highly deformable solids, Conference proceedings, WCCM8/ECCOMAS 2008, Venice Italy, 30/06/2008-04/07/2008, Pavel B. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S. Idelsohn and E. Oñate

Monolithic approach for the solution of the FSI problems using updated lagrangian formulation of the fluid domain, conference proceedings, GACM'07, Munich, Germany, 10-12/10/2007, P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S.Idelsohn, E. Oñate

A Monolithic FE Formulation for the Analysis of Membranes in Fluids, conference proceedings, Structural Membranes 2007, Barcelona, Spain, 17-19/09/2007. Authors: P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S.Idelsohn, E. Oñate

Sea-landing studies of the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle IXV using the Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM), P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, E. Oñate, Technical report, CIMNE, March 2009.

Updated lagrangian formulation of the quasi-incompressible fluid element,conference proceedings, ECCOMMAS 2007 on Coupled Problems, Ibiza, Spain, 23-26/05/2007, Authors: P. Ryzhakov, R. Rossi, S.Idelsohn, E. Oñate

On the FSI in combustion chambers, conference proceedings, ECCOMMAS 2007 on Coupled Problems, Ibiza, Spain, 23-26/05/2007, P. Ryzhakov, M. Porta, R. Rossi, T. Shoenfeld

On the application of adaptive mesh refinement to the Particle Finite Element Method, conference proceedings (full paper) First south-east european conference in Computational Mechanics, SEECCM06, Authors: P. Ryzhakov and R. Rossi

Projects with industry:

“Sea-landing studies of the intermediate eXperimental Vehicle IXV using the Particle Finite Element Method” in cooperation with CIMSA Ingeneria de Sistemas S.A. , 2007-2008

Fluid-structure interaction for combustion chambers (FLUISTCOM), in cooperation with Siemens AG, 2006-2007

T-SIMULAS: Desarrollo de nuevas TEcnologías de SIMULación de procesos de fabricación para inyección de Aluminio SemiSólido

NICOMP Computational research to support the development of swimming and hovering underwater unmanned vehicles (UUV) by NRL


PhD thesis: "Lagrangian FE methods for coupled problems in fluid mechanics"

MSc thesis: "Error estimation and adaptivity in fluid mechanics"

BSc thesis: "Design and validation of an experimental set-up for investigation of cavitation erosion"


2005 - Marie Curie Scholarship for pursuing doctoral studies

2004 - Selected among top 5 Computational Mechanics students for Elite Student Network of Bavaria, Germany

2003 - Youth and Knowledge Scholarship award (for pursuing MSc studies)

1999 - Carl von Siemens Scholarship award (for pursuing BSc studies)

1999 - Award at the conference of Young Scientists for the work "Unusual defects on the surface of single crystalline SiC", Moscow

Professional Interests:

CFD, multi-physics, fluid-structure interaction, compressible flows

Personal Interests:

Literature of modernist writers (Marcel Proust, James Joyce), literary translation, classical music, electric guitar


Gym, swimming

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