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Preliminar components to use Kratos

Last visit for the links: 30 November 2007


It is recommended to use this: Concurrent Versioning SystemCvs.png
  1. Go to the Download Section
  2. Take the Latest Recommended Release (you can download directly here the WinCvs (released 2005-08-15)
  3. Ask for a username and password to the Kratos Administrator (directly here o by email)

Visual Studio 2005

For developers under Windows, we recommend to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Boost Library

Kratos use the Boost library.

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

  1. Go to the Download section
  2. Download the following libraries:
    1. boost (last release in this moment of edition: 1.34.1, July 24, 2007,
    2. boost-build (last release in this moment of edition: 2.0-m12, September 30, 2007,
  3. compile and install the libraries

GiDpost External Library

We strongly recommend you to use | GiD as a pre and post processor.

gidpost is a set of functions (library) for writing postprocess results for GiD in ASCII or binary format.

  1. Go to the | library description
  2. Download the zip file
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Open a DOS console
  5. Change to the "gidpost\win" directory
  6. Run vcvars32.bat
  7. And depending on the version you want to compile (probably both of them) invoke:
    1. nmake -f CFG="Release"
    2. nmake -f CFG="Debug"

Kratos Source code

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