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Preliminar components to use Kratos

Last visit for the links: 30 November 2007


It is recommended to use this: Concurrent Versioning SystemCvs.png
  1. Go to the Download Section
  2. Take the Latest Recommended Release (you can download directly here the WinCvs (released 2005-08-15)
  3. Ask for a username and password to the Kratos Administrator (directly here o by email)

Visual Studio 2005

For developers under Windows, we recommend to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Boost Library

Kratos use the Boost library.

Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries.

  1. Go to the Download section
  2. Download the following libraries:
    1. boost (last release in this moment of edition: 1.34.1, July 24, 2007,
      • to be extracted in \kratosR1\external_libraries once kratos source code is installed
    2. boost-build (last release in this moment of edition: 2.0-m12, September 30, 2007,
      • to be extracted in \kratosR1\binonce kratos source code is installed
  3. compile and install the libraries

GiDpost External Library

We strongly recommend you to use GiD as a pre and post processor.

gidpost is a set of functions (library) for writing postprocess results for GiD in ASCII or binary format.

  1. Go to the library description
  2. Download the zip file
  3. Unzip the file
  4. Open a DOS console
  5. Change to the "gidpost\win" directory
  6. Run vcvars32.bat
  7. And depending on the version you want to compile (probably both of them) invoke:
    1. nmake -f CFG="Release"
    2. nmake -f CFG="Debug"

Kratos Source code

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