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The Computational Structural Mechanics module aims to solve problems related to structures. Depending on the type of structure to solve, the user must choose between the different structural elements available. This section of the manual tries to clarify all the options that appear in the GID user interface.

If you do not have this interface installed, follow the next download instructions.


1. From GID (recommended). Go to the Data->ProblemType menu. You should see 'Kratos' with a green arrow (this arrow means you can download this problemtype). Click on Kratos and follow the instructions until the download process is completed.

2. Using svn (developers option for linux users). Download the Kratos source and compile it (instructions). After that, link the interface to GID by doing:

ln -s $HOME/kratos/gid_interface/kratos.gid  /your_GID_folder/problemtypes/kratos.gid

And link the whole kratos folder to the interface:

ln -s $HOME/kratos $HOME/kratos/gid_interface/kratos.gid/kratos

Now you can update Kratos and compile it many times while the GID interface keeps linked to the newest version of the interface and the code.

For more details and developers information, the Kratos application used in this module is the Solid Mechanics Application (source), and one user interface for GID can be found here

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