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Nelson Lafontaine


Birth: December, 29th, 1984

Country: Dominican Republic

Nationality: Dominican

Fields of Interest

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete.



2002-2006: Civil Engineering. Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (INTEC).

2007-Present:Phd in Structural Analysis CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering) at the UPC of Barcelona Spain, under the supervision of Dr. J.M Canet and E. Oñate.

Co-Supervisors : R. Rossi(in Kratos) , J.Bairan(Concrete Aplications)

Work Experiences

2006-2007: he has worked on the analysis and seismic design of structures, mainly of buildings, in the offices of "Morrison Ingenieros", located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with the use of programs Sap2000, Etabs and Safe.


This is a exemple of Double Cantilever Beam using DAMAGE MODEL implemented in KRATOS. This model was tested by Sok, Baron and Francois.Using "Damage Model" it had excelents results comapared with experimental data. See:

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