CSMm 2.1.Analysis Type

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The Analysis Type must be chosen in this menu. An accurate choice here simplifies the next steps, because the options in other menus are increased or decreased according to this choice.

The options are:

-Beam, for structures with beams only.

-Shell, for structures with shells only. They are thin structures with 2 main dimension and resist membrane stresses, bending torques and shear stresses. 3D analysis only.

-Membrane, for structures with membranes only, understanding membranes as thin layers with no flexion or shear stiffness. 3D analysis only.

-Solid, for structures disretized internally. The body must be meshed with elements (triangles or quadrilaterals in 2D, tetrahedra and hexahedra in 3D).

-Generic, for structures with mixed analysis, containing parts of all the previous analysis types.

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