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There are two available functions to calculate local system, the first one that is used in LinearElement is as below

void LinearElement::CalculateLocalSystem(MatrixType& rLeftHandSideMatrix, VectorType& rRightHandSideVector,     
 ProcessInfo& rCurrentProcessInfo)

		//calculation flags
		bool CalculateStiffnessMatrixFlag = true;
		bool CalculateResidualVectorFlag = true;
		CalculateAll(rLeftHandSideMatrix, rRightHandSideVector, rCurrentProcessInfo,  
               CalculateStiffnessMatrixFlag, CalculateResidualVectorFlag);


and the second one is

CalculateLocalSystem(MatrixType& rLeftHandSideMatrix, 

MatrixType& rDampMatrix, VectorType& rRightHandSideVector1, VectorType& rRightHandSideVector2, ProcessInfo& rCurrentProcessInfo){}

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