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General description of the condition

This conditions represents the main part of the algorithm to solve contact problems. The algorithm is based on a surface to surface penalty formulation using a master and a slave contact surface. It is formulated to solve frictional contact problems in structural mechanics, the algorithm is formulated in a finite deformation context.

This condition and the underlying algorithm for contact problems has not been tested by means of a broader range of benchmark examples so far. It seem tio work quite fine for a number of different examples, but I do not give a guarantee that it is free of errors in its formulation or its implementation.

Formulation of the two body contact problem

Two bodies Ωi staying in contact over a contact surface \Gamma^c_i
Slave Γ1 and master Γ2 contact surface, and gap g=\nu\cdot\left(\boldsymbol{y}_2-\boldsymbol{y}_1\right) between the surfaces
Three dimensional view on the contact surfaces and the gap between the two surfaces


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