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WARNING: this page is not finished, we are writing it still... The DEM Kratos Team



This application solve the the equations.... Mathematical approach to the problems.

Nothing numerical

Insert here all the references to your papers...

Numerical approach

All numerical details here.

This is a part quite open, depending on the application we are considering.

Every physical problem is solved defining many different ingredients. Try to be quite schematic.


List of elements

Dimension Element Type Geometry Nonlinearity Material Type
1D LinearBeamElement Frame Line Isotropic
1D CrisfieldTrussElement Truss Line Large Displacement Isotropic
2D TotalLagrangian Solid 2D Geometries Large Displacement Isotropic
3D TotalLagrangian Solid 3D Geometries Large Displacement Isotropic
ShellIsotropic Shell 3D Triangle Large Displacement Isotropic
ShellAnisotropic Shell 3D Triangle Large Displacement Orthotropic

space discretization method

time discretization method

monolithic vs fractional step methodologies...



Insert here all the benchmarks of the application.

For every benchmark insert a video or at list a photo (not only a link)

For every benchmark - brief description of the solved problem, if it is a benchmark that can be found in literature, insert the link to the reference or, at least a reference). - reference with a link the location in which you describe all the theory behind Numerical approach.

How to analyse using the current application

GiD is the pre and post processor.....

link to the problem type and to the tutorial already inserted in the kratos-wiki

Application Dependencies

Other Kratos Applications used in current Application

External libraries


For any additional information please contact with ....

Programming Documentation

Link to trac

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