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WARNING: this page is not finished, we are writing it still...

The DEM Kratos Team



This application solve the the equations.... Mathematical approach to the problems.

Nothing numerical

Integration Schemes

The contact laws

Concept of indentation

Normal Force Laws

Tangential Force Laws

Damping Force Laws

(restit. coef)

Numerical approach (implementation in Kratos)

Structure of the code (Strategy, Scheme, Element, Node, Utilities, functions frequently used like FastGet,...)

List of elements

Spheric Particle

Spheric Continuum Particle

Spheric Swimming Particle


Insert here all the benchmarks of the application.

For every benchmark insert a video or at list a photo (not only a link)

For every benchmark - brief description of the solved problem, if it is a benchmark that can be found in literature, insert the link to the reference or, at least a reference). - reference with a link the location in which you describe all the theory behind Numerical approach.

How to analyse using the current application


GUI's & GiD


Discontinuum / non-cohesive


Continuum / Cohesive


Fluid coupling

Application Dependencies

The Swimming DEM Application depends on the DEM application

Other Kratos Applications used in current Application



Contact us for any question regarding this application:

Programming Documentation

You can access the calculation code through this site:

Link to trac

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