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Explicit solving strategy for Non-Linear analysis.

The builder and solver is set by default as


The linear solver is dummy, it is not required in this solving.

Constructor Main Data

The usual common data is required in the constructor for the Explicit Strategy:

  1. Model Part
  2. Time Integration Scheme (Central-differences, ...)
  3. Linear Solver (Dummy, not used in explicit analysis)
  4. Common Flags: (false by default)
    1. CalculateReactionFlag (compute reactions)
    2. ReformDofSetAtEachStep (check and change the dofs at each step)
    3. MoveMeshFlag (update the coordinates of the nodes at each step)

Each time the solution step is initialized (InitializeSolutionStep(...) method). The Prediction of the time step is performed in order to keep the time stepping stable. The prediction level and the maximum and minimum time stepping allowed is set in the scheme constructor. Therefore, the scheme passed to the strategy contains and manage this information.

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