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This manual explains how to run a DEM simulation with D-DEMPack on GiD.

If you did not install GiD or D-DEMPack yet, follow the installation instructions here: D-DEMPack installation

Once you have finished the installation, open GiD and load the D-DEMPack Problemtype by clicking:

Data -> D-DEMPack

Note that a toolbar with 7 buttons has been added to the left side of the GiD working window. This toolbar is called "Model definition toolbar" and can be hidden and shown through the GiD utilities:

Utilities -> Tools -> Toolbars

The buttons in the Model definition toolbar do the following actions

Button 1 - Link to the GiD Groups Management Window

Button 2 - Model Definition Menu

Button 3 - Materials Menu

Button 4 - Running Processes Management Window

Button 5 - Run this case

Button 6 - Show information about how this case is running

Button 7 - Stop this case

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