How to Add a New Condition

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On several occasions we wonder how add to our model a series of conditions such as distributed loads, Point Loads, among other things.
In this section, we'll focus more on structural aplications. For exemple, in this case we are going
to put a conditios of Puntual Load. In  our python file we need to add  from the model part the variables or
conditios that we are going to use: in this case we add FORCE or DISPLACEMENT in the main python file:
  #adding Nodal Variables
After this, we need to add the variables to the solver
  #adding of Variables to Model Part should be here
Before in the file ( .cond and .init ) the conditions were written as follow:
  # init file
  NODES[391](FORCE_Y,0)        = 0.000000; 
  NODES[391](FORCE_X,0)        = 0.000000; 
  NODES[391](FORCE_Z,0)        = 0.000000; 
  #cond file
  CONDITIONS[1] = PointForce2D([391],1);
And now in the .mpda file we can see:
  Begin NodalData DISPLACEMENT_X
  38 1 0.000000
  358 1 0.000000
  440 1 0.000000
  End NodalData
  Begin NodalData DISPLACEMENT_Y
  38 1 0.000000
  End NodalData
  Begin NodalData FORCE_X
  440 0 0.000000
  End NodalData
  Begin NodalData FORCE_Y
  440 0 0.000000
  End NodalData
Begin NodalData FORCE_Z
440 0 0.000000
End NodalData
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