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Preliminar components to use Kratos


In Windows:


In Linux: Download package: svn (and related libsvn)

For using a graphical interface you can download rapidSVN

Kratos Source code

In Windows

ATTENTION!! Do not use TARTOISE but only rapidSVN for the update of your Kratos !!!!

Don't get the rapidSVN 9.8!!! It DOESN'T work! Get the rapidSVN 9.6 !

In Linux

Using rapidSVN the kratos source files can be downloaded by taking the following steps:

  • Go to Repository->Checkout and enter the following path to the kratos repository:
  • Choose a working directory where module: kratos will be created in your pc
  • "recursive" option have to be signed
  • Follow the compiling procedure on the next page: Linux Installation

For getting the code without graphical interface type the following commands in a shell,

     svn checkout .

The checkout should start immediately.

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