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Preliminar components to use Kratos



Latest Recommended Release: WinCvs (released 2005-08-15)

Visual Studio 2005

Boost Library

boost 1.34.1 July 24, 2007


boost-build 2.0-m12 September 30, 2007


GiDpost External Library

unzip open a DOS console cd D:\kratosCOmponents\gidpost\win vcvars32.bat nmake -f CFG="Release" nmake -f CFG="Debug"

Kratos Source code

In Linux

Using Cervisia the kratos source files can be downloaded by taking the following steps:
  1. Go to Repository->Repositories->Add... and enter the root printed in the box above
    • The expression user_name has to be replaced by your login (obtained from Pooyan)
  2. Login using your password
    • Note that you can also access in read-only mode using "anonymous" as user name and password.
  3. Do a recursive checkout going to Repository->Checkout... (only for the first time!)
  4. Follow the compiling procedure on the next page: How to Compile Kratos
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