How to use parallel Pardiso solver for your example

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The package PARDISO is a thread-safe, high-performance, robust, memory efficient and easy to use software for solving large sparse symmetric and unsymmetric linear systems of equations on shared memory multiprocessors. The solver has has been licensed to thousands of researchers at international scientific laboratories and universities since its first release in 2004 [1]. You can use this parallel solver to solve the system of equations and matrices in Kratos. For this purpose, we present some modifications in your Python interface files which help you to solve your problems faster. The important thing is that you should have the new version of Kratos, which includes the folder of mkl_solvers_application in the applications. This folder contains Pardiso solver interface and if you activate it in the main Jamroot of Kratos, it will be automatically compiled and linked to Kratos. We mention the activation line in the Jamfile and the command to compile Kratos. It is important that you should compile Kratos with Intel comiler, otherwise you can not use this solver:


  1. installation

alias install : /kratos-prj/mkl_solvers_application//install

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