How to use the OpenCL linear solvers

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How to use the OpenCL Linear Solvers

Experimental support was added to the Kratos to use modern GPU (or many-core CPUs) basing on the OpenCL programming model.

In order to provide basic linear system solving capabilities, the Kratos uses the ViennaCL library, recently developed at Vienna TU by Ing. Karl Rupp and others. The library, which features a MIT like license, can be currently downloaded from the Kratos SVN.

Compiling the library

The installation of the library requires the presence of an OpenCL compiler on the system, and of driver support to run on GPUs. If no GPU is present, a fallback on the CPU is provided using the AMD stream implementation. Unfortunately the installation of the OpenCL itself may be different depending on the hardware to be run on

  • General Installation procedure
  • Installation Procedure SPECIFIC FOR NVIDIA HARDWARE
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