Kratos Structure: Kernel and applications

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Kratos Multitphysics is designed as a framework for the development of multi-disciplinary finite element programs. We intend to provide a flexible and extensible code base, that can be used to implement formulations in different fields of physiscs, as well as algorithms that involve the solution of multi-physics problems. To achieve the flexibility required for this goal, Kratos is not designed as a monolithic code but as a library where users can find and combine the different tools required to solve a particular problem.

Kratos is implemented in C++ and follows an object-oriented design that will be described in detail in the following pages. It is exposed to Python through the Boost library.

Kernel and Applications

The components of Kratos Multiphysics can be broadly grouped in two categories, the Kernel and the Applications. The Kernel provides the basic infrastructure and general numeric tools, while the different applications contain the phyiscs of the problem

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