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What is MMG?

Mmg is an open source software for simplicial remeshing. MMG main page[1], and you can download the code in GitHub[2]

  • It provides 3 applications and 4 libraries:
    • The mmg2d application and the libmmg2d library: adaptation and optimization of a two-dimensional triangulation and generation of a triangulation from a set of points or from given boundary edges
    • The mmgs application and the libmmgs library: adaptation and optimization of a surface triangulation and isovalue discretization
    • The mmg3d application and the libmmg3d library: adaptation and optimization of a tetrahedral mesh and implicit domain meshing
    • The libmmg library gathering the libmmg2d, libmmgs and libmmg3d libraries
  • It uses a LGPL[3] license and it has been integrated in Kratos via the mmg_utility.h in the MeshingApplication.

Important: For use it you need to download first

    • It is used like a process, using the in the MeshingApplication.

How can I used this library?

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