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UNDER CONSTRUCTION : "we are now building this application and the documentation will be available soon"



The Particle Finite Element Method

Application contents

PFEM basics, meshing, variables transfer and utilities.

Application Dependencies

External libraries

- 2D mesher : Triangle (

- 3D mesher : Tetgen (

Libraries installation:

1.- Copy the triangle and tetgen libraries to /kratos/external_libraries/ folder.

2.- Open a shell console, enter to the libraries directories and compile the libraries:

for triangle:

 make trilibrary

for tetgen:

 make tetlib

3.- Check if triangle.o and libtet.a, tetgen.o have been created in the respective folders

4.- Add the following lines to your

-DINCLUDE_TRIANGLE=ON                                                             \
-DTRIANGLE_INSTALL_DIR="/user_directory/kratos/external_libraries/triangle"         \
-DINCLUDE_TETGEN=ON                                                               \
-DTETGEN_INSTALL_DIR="/user_directory/kratos/external_libraries/tetgen/tetgen1.4.3" \


a. The /user_directory/ is the directory where your kratos folder is located.

b. The tetgen version used in this example is the 1.4.3, replace it according to your version.


For any question regarding to this application please contact:

Josep Maria Carbonell:

or post it in the Kratos Forum

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