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Required components to run a simulation using Kratos Multiphysics

The basic ingredients required to solve a problem using Kratos Multiphysics are the following three files

  • The Model Part (.mdpa) file.
  • A main Python script.
  • An auxiliary Python file.

The Model Part (.mdpa) file

The Model Part file defines the geometry and mesh of the problem, as well as the inital and boundary conditions to be applied. It is a regular text file with the extension .mdpa which follows the structure outlined in Input Data.

The main Python script

Kratos Multiphysics uses the Python scripting language to provide a flexible and dynamic way of combining its components to perform different types of simulations. The main Python script plays the part of the main function of the program, but with the crucial advantage of being easily accessible both to users and developers, who can modify the flow of the program without having to recompile the source code.

An auxiliary Python file

The final component of a Kratos simulation is an auxiliary Python file defining additional problem settings to be read from the main Python file. This file is used to communicate the user's choices when defining a model using GiD.

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