Solid Mechanics Application Conditions

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Conditions in the Solid Mechanics Application

"Condition" is the name for the objects that implement the elemental load build. That usually means taking the load value from the nodes and building the Load vector accordingly to the geometry where it is applied.

In Kratos the "Condition" class have the same usage as the "Element" class, with a cloned object structure.

Right now the load values passed to the "Condition" using Variables stored in Nodes.

The conditions must consider the continuum description and apply different integrations considering finite strains or infinitesimal strains. Right now only a general implementation is considered for both cases considering always the integration on the current configuration.

Geometry Condition Type Dimension
Points PointLoadCondition 1D / 2D plane-state / 2D axi-symmetric / 3D
Lines LineLoadCondition 1D / 2D plane-state / 2D axi-symmetric / 3D
Surfaces SurfaceLoadCondition 3D
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