Solid Mechanics Application Flow Rules

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Definition of the class

A flow rule solves the constitutive model integrating the state function which is defined by the yield criterion and the hardening law.

The yield criterion used is needed to be passed to the flow rule.

The flow rule contains the InternalVariables of the constitutive model, they are set and updated by the class methods.

Right now they are defined by next structure:

struct InternalVariables
     double EquivalentPlasticStrain;
     double DeltaPlasticStrain;
     //needed in IMPLEX calculation
     double EquivalentPlasticStrainOld;
     and struct methods...

The flow rule class main methods are:

Used commonly in the Constitutive Law:

  • CalculateReturnMapping(...)
  • CalculateScalingFactors(...)
  • UpdateInternalVariables(...)

Used inside of the Flow Rule:

  • CalculateConsistencyCondition(...)
  • UpdateConfiguration(...)

Used to compute the temperature effects:

  • CalculateThermalDissipation(...)

Used when IMPLEX is active:

  • CalculateImplexReturnMapping(...)
  • CalculateImplexThermalDissipation(...)

for more details look inside of the flow_rule base class.

List of flow rules

Hardening Laws
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