Solid Mechanics Application Yield Criteria

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Definition of the class

The yield criterion defines the elastic region, the yield surface (where the plasticity occurs) and the impossible region for the stress state function.

The yield criterion needs to know the hardening law considered, which is passed in the constructor.

The yield criterion class main methods are:

Used commonly in the Flow rule:

  • CalculateYieldCondition(...)
  • CalculateStateFunction(...)
  • CalculateDeltaStateFunction(...)

Used to compute the energy dissipation:

  • CalculatePlasticDissipation(...)
  • CalculateDeltaPlasticDissipation(...)

Used when IMPLEX is active:

  • CalculateImplexPlasticDissipation(...)
  • CalculateImplexDeltaPlasticDissipation(...)

for more details look inside of the yield_criterion base class.

List of yield criteria

Yield Criteria
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