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(University of Ulster (Northern Ireland):)
(In University of Ulster (Northern Ireland):)
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== In University of Ulster (Northern Ireland): ==
== In University of Ulster (Northern Ireland): ==
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| [mailto:VB.Novozhilov@ulster.ac.uk.deVB.Novozhilov@ulster.ac.uk]
| [mailto:VB.Novozhilov@ulster.ac.uk.deVB.Novozhilov@ulster.ac.uk]
| [[User: | '''V. Novozhilov''']]
|<small>([[User talk: |Talk]]|[[Special:Contributions/ |recent contrib]])</small>

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Hello everyone ... here it is the Kratos Team, in the order at which we joined the project!

In Barcelona (Spain):

  • Dr. Pooyan Dadvand
"The Father" pooyan@cimne.upc.edu Pooyan (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Riccardo Rossi
"The Godfather" rrossi@cimne.upc.edu Rrossi (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Pavel B. Ryzhakov
"The Son" pryzhakov@cimne.upc.edu Ryzhakov (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Antonia Larese De Tetto
antoldt@cimne.upc.edu Antonia (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Kazem Kamran
kazem_kamran@yahoo.com Kazem (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Nelson Lafontaine
inglafontaine@gmail.com Nelson (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Virginia Monteiro
virginia@cimne.upc.edu Virginia (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Henrik Lynga
  • Dr. Javier Mora
mora@cimne.upc.edu JMora (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Julio Marti
julio.marti@cimne.upc.edu Jmarti (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Mr. Markus May
markus.may@cimne.upc.edu Markus (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Farshid Mossaiby
mossaiby@yahoo.com Mossaiby (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Amir Abdollahi
amir.abdollahi@upc.edu Amir (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Gerardo Socorro Miranda
gerardo@cimne.upc.edu Gerardo (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Jordi Cotela Dalmau
jcotela@cimne.upc.edu jcotela (Talk|recent contrib)
and of course:
  • Prof. Eugenio Oñate
"The Boss" onate@cimne.upc.edu

In Bochum (Germany):

  • Dipl.-Ing. Janosch Stascheit
                                      janosch.stascheit@rub.de Janosch (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dipl.-Ing. Felix Nagel
                                      felix.nagel@rub.de Felix (Talk|recent contrib)

In University of Ulster (Northern Ireland):

  • Prof. V. Novozhilov
                                      [1] [[User: | V. Novozhilov]] ([[User talk: |Talk]]|recent contrib)
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