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== Developers: ==
== Developers: ==
People developing one or more applications of Kratos

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Hello everyone ... here it is the Kratos Team

Main developers:

People involved in the development, design and maintenance of the Kratos Project. This includes both the development of new capabilities and the effort on making them available to the user community

  • Dr. Pooyan Dadvand
pooyan@cimne.upc.edu Pooyan (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Riccardo Rossi
rrossi@cimne.upc.edu Riccardo (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Miguel Angel Celigueta
maceli@cimne.upc.edu Miguel Angel (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Josep Maria Carbonell
cpuigbo@cimne.upc.edu Josep Maria (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Antonia Larese De Tetto
antoldt@cimne.upc.edu Antonia (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Jordi Cotela Dalmau
jcotela@cimne.upc.edu Jordi (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Pablo Becker
pbecker@cimne.upc.edu Pablo (Talk|recent contrib)


People developing one or more applications of Kratos

  • Dr. Pavel B. Ryzhakov
pryzhakov@cimne.upc.edu Ryzhakov (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Kazem Kamran
kazem_kamran@yahoo.com Kazem (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Nelson Lafontaine
inglafontaine@gmail.com Nelson (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Julio Marti
julio.marti@cimne.upc.edu Jmarti (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Dr. Farshid Mossaiby
mossaiby@eng.ui.ac.ir Farshid (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Gerardo Socorro Miranda
gerardo@cimne.upc.edu Gerardo (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Joaquín Irazabal
jirazabal@cimne.upc.edu Joaqín (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Miquel Santasusana
msantasusana@cimne.upc.edu Miquel (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Massimo Petacca
set@cimne.upc.edu Massimo (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Ing. Stefano Zaghi
set@cimne.upc.edu Stefano (Talk|recent contrib)
  • Prof. V. Novozhilov
VB.Novozhilov@ulster.ac.uk VB.Novozhilov (Talk|recent contrib)

(Research of Prof. Novozhilov is being used to develop combustion and fire modelling capabilities within the Kratos CFD code)

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